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Moda 360 Program

Healthcare can be complicated. That’s why we created Moda 360 — your own enhanced member support team. Every time you call Moda Health, you will be connected with a Moda 360 Health Navigator. The Health Navigator will not only answer any questions you may have, but will also serve as your guide to connect you with the care, resources and programs that will work best for you. And, if you have both a medical and dental plan with us, a Moda 360 Health Navigator has you covered for your medical and dental needs.

These resources include:

  1. Personalized support for many chronic conditions
  2. Coordination with your PCP


Additional resources

Text a doctor

You can enjoy fast and private access to a dedicated doctor in under a minute! Use the CirrusMD app for any health question or advice. Whether you have a question about COVID-19, need an inhaler prescription, have a runny nose, etc., doctors are available 24/7 to help with no member cost-share. With the app, you can:

  • Ask an urgent or general health question
  • Message, share photos or video chat
  • Get peace of mind, even at 2 a.m.
  • Come back to conversations or follow up as often as you’d like

Specialized behavioral health support

You can get therapy on your smartphone through our partner, Meru Health. Completely confidential, this online program provides 12 weeks of treatment to help with depression, anxiety and burnout. The program offers:

  • Confidential access to a personal, licensed therapist and psychiatrist
  • Anonymous peer support
  • A biofeedback device to increase focus and manage stress
  • Mindfulness practices for balancing mood and energy
  • Habit-changing activities for sleep, nutrition and more that you can access anytime and anywhere

Diabetes support program

We offer a comprehensive diabetes management program from our partner, Teledoc Health, at no cost, to members and dependents who qualify. The Livongo for Diabetes program provides:

  • A smart meter, which automatically uploads blood glucose readings, eliminating the need for logbooks. The meter also serves up real-time tips.
  • Unlimited supplies with no hidden costs. Strips and lancets are shipped directly to the member, at their request.

  • Coaching anytime and anywhere. Livongo’s expert coaches are available via phone, text and our mobile app to give guidance on nutrition and lifestyle questions.

Coordinated Care with a PCP 360

As a PEBB Moda Health member, you’ll enjoy all of the benefits that come with coordinated care, which include having your own PCP 360. A PCP 360 is a high-quality primary care provider who delivers full-circle care. They will partner with you and be accountable for your health. Plus, you do not need referrals from your primary care provider to see specialists!

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Access care statewide

With our Synergy Network, you get high-quality care close to home to cover all of Oregon, Southern Washington and Idaho. The network consists of OHSU Health, Legacy Health, Adventist Health, Tuality Health and many more hospitals and providers.

Out-of-area dependents

The Moda Synergy plan covers dependents who live outside of the service area (for example: college students). Out-of-area dependents will need to select a PCP 360 and utilize that provider when they are in the service area. When they are away from the service area they have access to our travel network and will receive in-network benefits. Please update the address of your out-of-area dependent in the PEBB enrollment system.

We offer both health and dental plans ― because we know that oral health plays an important role in overall health.

Choose a Moda Synergy Medical Plan to enjoy:

  • A wide selection of high-quality in-network providers in Oregon, Southern Washington and Idaho, including OHSU Health, Legacy Health, Adventist Health and Tuality Health
  • Moda 360 health navigators to help you navigate the healthcare system so you can get the most out of your benefits
  • No referrals for in-network specialist visits or alternative care, which means no need to get permission from your PCP or health plan to see these specialists!
  • Alternative care — Take advantage of the largest network of alternative care providers (including licensed massage therapists!)
  • Medical, pharmacy and dental benefits delivered by a single health plan. When you choose both a medical and dental plan with us, you get our team of Moda 360 Health Navigators to help you get great care from head to toe. Find out more about how your dental health affects your overall health
  • Your Member Dashboard — Your own personal website where you can view your benefits, access resources to help you manage your health and chat with a Moda 360 Health Navigator.

Review the PEBB medical plan options

The PEBB Moda Health plan connects you with expert care, close to home — at a low cost.

Full-time medical plan

  • $250 individual deductible, $750 family deductible
  • $10 copay for office and specialist visits
  • $0 copay through CirrusMD
  • Deductible waived on the first four PCP 360 visits, per calendar year and $10 specialist copay after the deductible has been met.

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Part-time medical plan

  • $500 individual deductible, $1,500 family deductible
  • $40 copay for office and specialist visits
  • $0 copay through CirrusMD
  • Deductible waived on the first four PCP 360 visits, per calendar year and $40 specialist copay after the deductible has been met.

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No referrals! Medical coverage wherever you go

Our one statewide network — Synergy — gives you access to providers in Oregon, Southern Washington and Idaho. So, you’ll be covered close to home, and wherever you go. PLUS, you get access to OHSU Health and you will not need referrals to see specialists.

List of Synergy hospitals and clinics

  • Adventist Health (OHSU partner)
  • Asante
  • Bay Area Hospital
  • Columbia Memorial Hospital
  • Legacy Health
  • Legacy Silverton Hospital
  • Mid-Columbia Medical Center
  • Oregon Health & Science University (includes the OHSU network)
  • PeaceHealth
  • Salem Health Hospitals and Clinics
  • Samaritan Health Services
  • Santiam Hospital
  • Sky Lakes Medical Center
  • St. Charles Health System
  • Tillamook Regional Medical Center
  • Tuality Healthcare (OHSU partner)
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Synergy Network

Dental coverage wherever you go

Choose Delta Dental to connect with the nation’s largest network of dentists. Plus, you’ll receive preventive services without paying out of your pocket at any in-network dentist provider.

With a Delta Dental plan, you also get:

  • Health through Oral Wellness® ― find out your risk for tooth decay, gum disease and oral cancer, and see if you qualify for more cleanings, fluoride treatments, sealants and periodontal maintenance
  • Preventive first ― your preventive services will not count toward your plan year maximum

Oral health can improve overall health

With the combination of a medical plan from Moda Health and a dental plan from Delta Dental, you’ll get coordinated care and service that can address and combat health issues that start in your mouth, such as:

  • Diabetes
  • Coronary heart disease
  • Cerebrovascular disease

Oral health explained

With Moda 360 integrated medical and dental care, you get integrated disease management, education and everything you need to take care of yourself from head to toe.

Watch this video to learn more about how your dental health affects your overall health.

2022 dental plans

Delta Dental Premier Network

The largest dental network in Oregon and nationally, it includes more than 2,400 Delta Dental Premier dentists in Oregon and over 155,000 nationwide.

Delta Dental PPO

The largest preferred provider organization (PPO) dental network in Oregon and nationally, it includes more than 1,300 Delta Dental PPO dentists in Oregon and over 108,000 nationwide.

With both plans, participating providers will not charge more than the Delta Dental of Oregon allowed amount. If you choose a provider on the PPO plan, you will pay less out of your pocket and your benefits will go further.

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